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Smear Heads Manufacturing

Wagma Engineering assists Plastics manufacturing companies with custom smear heads manufacture as well as smear head repair for plastics manufacturing and other processing equipment.

Smear head assembly or shut of nozzle is an integral part of the injection moulding process; the usually three part assembly which basically acts as a valve. The three components that make up a smear head assembly are the tip, head or body of the assembly, the check ring or check valve the only moving part of the assembly and the collar or spacer. Smear heads come in all shapes and sizes depending on what the machine supplier had designed with that series of machine. In standard form the smear head assembly is component made from 4140 base material that is then nitride and finish ground to the size required for the correct clearance in the barrel.

Due to the different grades of materials used in the manufacturing of components for such industries as car manufacturing and the advances in the strength and density of the plastics used has forced a lot more wear on to the smear head assembly used in the processing of these components. Wagma offer a solution for these requirements with smear heads made from Nitrided 4140 to a base grade tool steel smear head assembly used in high wear environments which is hardened and tempered then nitrided, before being finished ground to suit the correct clearance in the barrel.

In break down situations Wagma Engineering can offer a fast turnaround repair on smear heads to get your machine up & running again with full control of our own nitriding facilities and machine shop capabilities like ours we always have your best interest in mind.

Wagma Engineering has operated in Melbourne servicing the Australian Plastics Manufacturing Industry with smear heads manufacture and repairs since 1975. Our company is committed to providing unsurpassed General Engineering, Repairs / Breakdowns and precision engineering services to the Plastics Industry and Manufacturers requiring supply of quality Smear Head, Screw, Barrel, Tie Bar and other spare parts for injection moulding extruder machinery and equipment.

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