Industrial Repairs / Breakdowns

Replacement, Reconditioning and Surface Engineering Services - Melbourne, Australia.

The Wagma Engineering service offered in the areas of Replacement, Reconditioning and surface engineering for mechanical industrial repairs and machine breakdowns is second to none.

Breakdowns and Repairs is what we do. General engineering, machining manufacturer as well as petrochemical and plastics industry engineering expertise and knowledge, combines with full in-house machine shop capability to ensure quick turnaround and quality results.

Surface Engineering and Metal Spraying Services

Fully experienced with thermal sprayed coatings and their application, Wagma's staff are qualified  & experienced to advise on all surface coatings used for the reconditioning and replacement of worn or damaged components.

Thermal metal spraying can be used for reconditioning components on such items as pins, main bearings and thrust faces on crankshafts. Repairs to blocks in tunnel bores and caps, liner location bores and camshafts are some of the surface engineering services our industrial repairs and machine breakdowns company provide.

Reconditioning of damaged and worn components to their original dimensions at a fraction of the cost of expensive replacement spare parts can sometimes be achieved using the arc spray (twin wire). Motor casings, armatures, rotors, end shields, joint faces, impellers, bearing journals, seal diameters, gears and shafts can all be repaired successfully.

From manufacturing to hard facing of special seals, welding, metal spraying, machining and assembly of large pumps are also among other industrial repairs and engineering services our reconditioning, and surface engineering company can perform.

Wagma Engineering continually meets and exceeds customer expectations by planning, controlling and continuously monitoring its processes. For the reconditioning and replacement of worn or mismatched parts our engineering company uses premium quality materials, components, skills and technologies.

Our company has proudly serviced a broad spectrum of industries including Plastics, Petrochemical and all types of industries with all kinds of industrial repairs, machining, breakdowns, reconditioning rebuilding and surface engineering in Melbourne since 1975.

For information on some of our capabilities please follow this link Total in-house machine shop capability relating to industrial repairs / breakdowns.

You’ll be pleased to know that 95% of all our machine breakdown, reconditioning and surface engineering is completed in-house at our engineering Melbourne services facility in Boronia providing and ensuring fast turnaround on your requirements.

The successful and continued completion of industrial engineering repairs and metal spraying is attributable to the skills of our production team; committed project management from our sales team, and the excellent working relationship we share with our customers.

Proudly owned and operated in Australia Wagma Engineering is committed to providing unsurpassed Melbourne metal spraying, reconditioning and replacement engineering services to customers big and small. Our company will provide you the ultimate in engineering service, direction and value for money!

Surface engineering, industrial repairs and machine breakdown services - Wagma Engineering Melbourne, Australia