Metal Spraying

Surface Engineering Services - Melbourne, Australia.

Metal spraying is the projection of molten particles of metal that flatten out and build up a continuous surface on the correctly prepared surface to be repaired or coated.

Wagma Engineering offer Arc sprayed thermal metal spraying where electricity is used to melt the steel and propelled by air coat the surface, aswell as flame spraying which uses oxy & acetylene or LPG to melt the metal to then be propelled on to the surface.

Wagma Engineering use Metal Spraying for all sorts or repair and reclamation work commonly used on Blower rotors and components, water and liquid pump components, vacuum pump rotors and housings, cylinder liners, combustion engine components from crankshafts and cams to engine blocks and heads, exhaust segments, headers and extractors, Brake drums to any kind of shaft with worn seal, drive or bearing journal can be repaired using metal spray even with better more suited materials. With the complementation of our machine shop we do finish machine all sorts of jobs to be there original size or condition.

Metal spraying is used to hard face jobs with anything from tungsten carbide to ceramic. Some are what they call fused coatings which means the coating after or even during the spraying is heated up to fuse with the other particles to make a much denser and stronger coating. There is a huge range of material available as coating materials so make contact with Wagma to see how we can help you get them worn parts usable again.

Wagma Engineering continually meets and exceeds customer expectations by planning, controlling and continuously monitoring metal spraying surface engineering and other processes. For the reconditioning and replacement engineering works our company uses only premium quality materials, components, skills and technologies.

The successful and continued completion of industrial engineering repairs and metal spraying is attributable to the skills of our production team; committed project management from our sales team, and the excellent working relationship we share with our customers.

Proudly owned and operated in Melbourne since 1975, Wagma Engineering is committed to providing unsurpassed metal spraying, surface engineering services to customers big and small throughout Australia and abroad. Our metal spraying company will provide you the ultimate in engineering service, direction and value for money!

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