Flow Nozzles Manufacturer

Petrochemical, Refineries, Chemical, Fertiliser, Power Plants and other Process Industries enlist Wagma engineering to manufacture and assist with Custom Flow Nozzle Design.

We are an Australian Flow Nozzle Manufacturer that custom engineers the design and manufacture of Flow Nozzles at our engineering machine shop in Melbourne.

Flow Nozzle Manufacturing requires precision engineering and workmanship. Quality, accuracy and performance are the key factors to the manufacture of Flow Nozzles widely used in the Petrochemical Industry.

Flow Nozzles are manufactured in a variety of designs and standards as per  ASME MFC 3M, ASME 19.5, ASME-PTC-6, ISO-5167/BS 1042  R.W.MILLER, L.K SPINK etc

Wagma Engineering Capabilities include Gun drilling, CNC Machining, Turning & Welding ready for service.

Materials commonly used for a Flow Nozzle are ASTM, 304/304L, 316/ 316L, 321 Stainless Steel, ASTM A182 F9, F11, F12, F22. Pipe Materials used are ASTM A106, A335 P1, P11, P12, P22, P91 and 304/304L 316/316 L, 321 Stainless Steel etc.

Flow Nozzles are supplied for direct mounting between flanges or welded with the branch Pipes. The Weld in type Flow Nozzles are welded either direct into the branch pipes or are provided with a Holding Ring Design. Welding is carried out as per the applicable codes.

Wagma Engineering manufactures manufactures the following types of Flow Nozzles:

  • Weld in Type Flow Nozzles
  • Flanged Type Flow Nozzles
  • Flanged Type Throat  Tap Flow Nozzles
  • Holding Ring Type Flow Nozzles.

Since 1975, Wagma Engineering has operated in Melbourne servicing the Petrochemical Industry with Flow Nozzle Design and manufacture. Our company is committed to providing unsurpassed General Engineering, Repairs / Breakdowns and precision engineering services to the Petrochemical Industry and Manufacturers requiring supply of quality Thermowell, Orifice Plates, Flow Element fittings and product for Petrochemical Industry Machinery and Plant Equipment.

Supplier and Flow Nozzle Manufacturer - Wagma Engineering Melbourne, Australia